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250 Fragile Stickers Handle with Care Stickers Size 90x35mm
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Safe Guard for a safe land – Fragile stickers

It is almost certain that at one point in time you have had to use stickers before. They have several functions and uses but the general characteristics of every sticker is that it is used as a descriptive or labelling tool. They are designed and made unique to serve a number of purposes. There are various types of stickers and they are highly versatile and deployable in a number of occasions. From business promotions and impressions to electoral campaigns and advertisements, stickers can be very useful and helpful.

Amongst the multitude of stickers we have there is a special type of sticker that is commonly used by individuals and organizations – fragile stickers. You may have wondered what it is used for and why it is prevalent on some particular products, package or luggage. More often than not, it’s usually used as a warning. The simple reason behind fixing a fragile sticker on an object is to let people know that the contents of the package should be treated with caution but fragile stickers mean quite a lot.

Using fragile stickers basically ensures the safety of your luggage, doesn’t matter if your contents are fragile or not. There are lots of fragile stickers – fragile stickers for shipping, fragile stickers for moving, fragile stickers for luggage, fragile glass stickers, fragile stickers for large objects, fragile mailing stickers, fragile liquid stickers and a lot more. The stickers can be pasted on an extensive range of items and it prompts people who come in contact with it to exercise a lot of caution when handling.

Utilizing fragile stickers

Fragile stickers could be a little specific in their message, they can be personalized according to the shippers spec – “fragile do not bend stickers” for items that are not ductile, “please handle with care fragile stickers” generally used for protecting items with no particular part to watch out for, “this end up fragile stickers” used to indicate the particular side that goes in to the vehicle or truck during the process of loading, etc.

Usefulness of fragile stickers.

Fragile stickers can be used on a number of occasions, but the two most important include;


Fragile stickers are a common sight with shippers and dispatchers. It’s usually a token that guarantees that your item gets to you safely. Shipping entails moving your products from one point to another and this usually starts from the sorting of the item at the shippers warehouse. If you have ever tracked a shipment or an order, you will find the linear progression your item goes through from the moment your order was accepted.

When shipping glassware – mirrors, vases, decorations, furnishings, vases or even smartphones, you may have your heart in your mouth all through the process. You are not likely to be carefree till you get notified by your agent that your items have been received in a piece. Although glassware are always surrounded with protective materials like pads and bubble wraps, the best option includes attaching a range of stickers that say “fragile”. They come in various designs and forms, it could be a fragile glass sticker for shipping or just an ordinary fragile mailing sticker.

Fragile stickers for luggage

According to a lot of people, the most difficult part of preparing for a journey is usually when you are trying to select items that are needful and needless – focus is on travelling light. After deciding on what to pack most travellers often miss a trick and this goes a long way in deciding not only how safe their luggage arrives, but how fast it comes back too.

It’s common for luggage to take a long time in returning on the belt after boarding a flight. Standing and waiting for your luggage to swing off the carousel can be a daunting task. It doesn’t just extend your total journey time, it leaves you wondering whether you luggage or box had gone missing.  Many flyer programmes and tricks teach you how to skip queues and ensure that your luggage comes out first but one of the most efficient tact is to use a fragile sticker.

It’s an effective way of maximizing your travel time and you don’t have to pay more. It’s a brilliant way to ensure that your luggage isn’t just safe, it guarantees that they get back to you quickly. Placing a cute fragile sticker on your luggage attracts a special treatment from the airport staff. The fragile sticker placed on your luggage notifies the handler that your luggage takes preference over regular ones. The implication of this is that they take extra care in sorting your luggage and more often than not, they always want it to come off first.

This means that you can easily purchase 250, 500 or 1000 fragile stickers on roll for all your travels because at no point will you be required to prove the fragility of your luggage.

How to use your fragile stickers

Fragile stickers have multiple colours but one colour that is common is red. This is because red simplifies danger and calls for caution. They instantly grab the attention of the handler that the item in range is valuable, expensive and most importantly destructible. The range of items that attract the use of these stickers rank from small to large items – glass, electronics, collectibles, beauty products, computers, furniture, electrical fittings, computers and computing accessories, smartphones  and a lot more.

The stickers are made of durable adhesives that allows them stick properly on your box or luggage. All you need to do is to peel and stick.

Large fragile stickers for shipping provide you with an added insurance and gives you more guarantee that your package will arrive intact. While most people rely on the bubble wraps and extra cushions used to safeguard their shipment, it is important to understand that a heavy fall or impact can damage the item in range.

Fragile stickers are general affordable compared to the potential damage that could happen to your shipment or luggage. Your box or container may be strong and sturdy but a fragile sticker is all you need to secure your valuables.

Unique Features of 1 Roll Fragile Stickers Size 90x35mm

Fragile sticker will reduce the risk that fragile objects will spoil all through shipping. Those red and white handle with care stickers size is 9x3,5 cm and are designed to instantly grab the eye of anybody managing the box or package. Fragile stickers is perfect for each person who handles fragile gadgets especially for glass, collectibles, electric, houses, computer systems and pc components, and in manufacturing industries.

• Set of 250 Labels

• Peel and Stick!

• Durable Adhesive

• Premium Quality Label with High Quality Ink

• Quantity: 1 Roll of 250 Labels

• Fragile sticker size 9x3,5 centimeters / 90x35mm

• Glue: Permanent Hot melt

• Can be stored easily

• Space between labels - 4,69mm

  • Quantity: 1 Roll of 250 fragile stickers
  • Peel and stick stickers with text "FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE"
  • Size 9x3,5 centimeters / 90x35mm
  • Glue: Permanent Hot Melt - durable adhesive
  • Peel and stick Labes with high quality ink

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