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500 x Removable Labels On Roll, Size 50x50mm Square, White and Green Date Labels Use for Reusable Containers
Brands: OliveBird
Product Code: Removable labels 50x50mm
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Labels are one of the easiest “life hacks” that can simplify our daily lives. Everything is fast paced, everyone is getting busy and reliance on auxiliaries to help us get through what life throws at us is at an all-time high. Although the advancement and ground breaking discoveries in the field of science and technology has provided us with an extensive range of machines and equipment to help us on a daily basis, one old-fashioned tradition that is sticky but stylish remains a viable way of easing our stress – stickers and labels. Even the most sophisticated equipment needs a label, that’s how important that little paper you peel off is to humanity.

There are different types of labels and they are used for different functions including promotions, advertising, campaigns, cautions, mail deliveries, shipping, etc. There is also a flexible label that can be used for your custom storage projects – The 500 Removable Labels. The label measures 50x50mm Square and It has a white and green colour. It also contains a date column. These labels can be used on your reusable containers making it easy for you to store your items properly.

Suitable uses of the label

This sticker is multifunctional and isn’t limited in usage. It can be used for different things depending on your custom need. Some of the suitable uses of the sticker includes

Product label

Different stores and markets that sell foods usually make use of large containers to collect the product in one piece. After all sales are made, these containers are often used to display a new stock. These containers are often displayed on shelves and tables for customers to see. There are a lot of labels that can be used to describe what each box contains aswell as categories to check when looking for a particular product. For instance, a store that sells livestock or frozen foods can use the chicken freezer labels, rabbit freezer labels etc. to identify each product. The custom freezer labels can also be used to label special products that have been mixed-matched or contains one or more items.

Contents and compositions

Some people have a list of “don’ts’” given to them by their nutritionists while some like vegans have their food preferences. Labels for freezer meals is an easy way of educating consumers about what each item contains. Customers that are allergic to a particular food can make use of a freezer food storage label containing the particular component that triggers their allergies. Freezer meal labels and other types of labels for freezer containers also provides an avenue for people to make comparisons based on the information they contain. For instance, the Coca-Cola Company manufactures different products and the signature of the brand is the coke drink. Although the drink has basically been the same for over a century, the increasing taste and customer agitations has led to the production of the zero-sugar edition of coke. Customers now have the luxury of enjoying the same taste and quality of coke with no sugar. Labels for freezer makes it easy for customers to find their type of coke among several cokes. The freezer sticker labels also serves as a platform to educate consumers about the major differences that exists between 2 similar products like the conventional coke and the zero-sugar coke.

Why should you use the freezer label?  

There are several types of label and they are designed to serve different purposes. Every label has been manufactured with the professional understanding of what it will be used for. For instance, advertisement stickers are different from shipment stickers because while one is manufactured to be more attractive and catchy prioritizing flash over function, the order is more precise and produced to be more resilient and sturdy in order to withstand various handlings. Likewise, freezer labels are manufactured with distinct features that makes them fit for purpose. They are designed to endure the coldest temperature and also to stay intact all through the freezing process.                                                                              

These freezer labels withstand a great deal of pressure because they have been manufactured with a great attention to detail. They have special features that make them grip firmly to the surface of the removable container. The magnetic freezer labels are special types of labels that don’t wear off. They stay intact and do not falter as a result of ice build-up. They are suitable for blast freezing and industrial kitchens. 

Advantage of the 500x removable white and green label

There is no such thing as a multipurpose label that can be used on all surfaces and for all needs. The 500x removable white and green freezer label has been built for both commercial and domestic freezing and it holds a handful of benefits.

Special Acrylic Feature

One of the major advantage of using this label includes that it has a special acryl-removable feature that makes it stick properly to all types of surfaces and it is easily removable aswell. 


It is sustainable and eco-friendly and it poses no threat to the health of the user. Each of the 500 freezer labels feature a great and attractive design and you can easily customize the surface with any inscription of your choice.

It’s a unique type of freezer safe food label that doesn’t tamper with the quality or taste of your food.


The greatest advantage of this freezer label is its waterproof feature. Every single label for freezer containers has been manufactured to withstand water without being awash. Waterproof freezer labels stick firmly and look exactly the same when they come in contact with water.


Each of the 500 stickers can be personalized with different messages which can include name, date, storage time, contents, serving instructions and a lot more. The printable freezer labels have a surface that allows for easy writing. There are a lot of freezer pens and labels that makes it easy to identify each item. Freezer labels to write on are also suitable for corrective labelling on frozen surfaces.

500 x Removable Labels On Roll, Size 50x50mm Square, White and Green Date Labels Use for Reusable Containers

• Peel and stick removable labels bright green stickers.

• 500 pcs.adhesive food labels roll

• Food stickers labels size: 5x5 centimeters / 50x50mm

• Self adhesive labels with removable acrylglue

• Glue a Acryl-Removable provide strong adhesion to all types of surface and also you can remove it easily

• Space between stickers labels - 2,92mm and stickers roll core diametre is 76 mm

• Durable adhesive freezer labels on a roll

• Sticker color: white stickers with green letters

• Material: FLW3 PE foil

• Quantity of rows: 1

• Imprint : item: / date:

• Winding: outside

• Perforation: no

  • Peel and stick bright green removable labels
  • 500pcs. labels on roll, self adhesive stickers
  • Glue: Removable Acryl / Material: Semi Gloss
  • Food labels size: 5x5 centimeters / 50x50mm
  • Perfect for reusable containers

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