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300 Name Tag Labels Dot Colorful Border Name Labels, Assorted Colours (3 Colours), Size 90x50 mm
Brands: OliveBird
Product Code: Name tag labels 300
Availability: In Stock



Stickers are neither obsolete nor contemporary, they have been a part of everyone’s life and will continue to be. They serve different functions and no matter what you do, either domestic or commercial, stickers do mean a whole lot. They are versatile and affordable aswell as resourceful, although they are tiny little investments stickers hold a great deal of benefits. Doesn’t matter whether intentional or accidental, everyone has had to use a sticker at some point. The quality of a sticker lies in how functional it is rather than how flashy. Although we have several stickers made for different purposes, there are some that are not limited in usage. If you are looking for a versatile label that serves your specific and custom needs, this name tag sticker is made for your exact needs. The 300 name tag labels provides you with an exceptional combination of function and performance accompanied by much comfort and ease. Are you looking for name tag stickers for clothes? Or you need name tag stickers for kids, or maybe all you need is just a cute name tag stickers to serve your custom purpose, whatever you need can be sufficiently catered for using this 300 name tag labels.

This sticker has several advantages that makes it a clever purchase for any user and some include

·         Performance

The creation of this high quality sticker has changed the label market remarkably due to its perfect craft and detailed engineering. Every part of the sticker has been highly optimized to ensure that no area is redundant. The engineering of this sticker cuts waste and every part is useful. They stick perfectly to any surface and they do not leave any mess behind when peeled off.

·         Durability

Every single piece of the name tag labels 300 gives you an assurance of longevity and durability. Once peeled off and fixed on a surface, they hold their place all day long without faltering or waning. It doesn’t matter what this elegant name tag sticker is used for – school name tag sticker, beach name tag sticker, gift name tag sticker, car name tag sticker or any other purpose you deem fit, it stays the same and isn’t prone to distortion

·         Versatility

The versatility of all stickers produced by OliveBird has to go down as their most distinguishing feature. Every single sticker is applicable to different surfaces and fit for various purposes. It can be used as a church name tag sticker, visitor name tag sticker, police badge name tag sticker, wedding name tag stickers for clothes, beach name tag stickers for different sports aswell as assorted name tag stickers. No matter what you choose to use it for, the result is always what you desire.

·         Aesthetics

The name tag 300 stickers is an all-encompassing package that offers you’re a full-fledged flash and function. The sticker can be used as a colour coded name tag sticker and it is available in various modifications including orange name tag stickers, brown name tag stickers, teal name tag stickers, green name tag stickers aswell as floral name tag stickers. The colours are beautiful and adds immense value to whatever purpose they are meant to serve.

·         Waterproof

The anxiety and agitations that comes with random low quality labels cannot be compared to the inspiration and positivity you get from your name tag 300 stickers. Even in the deepest immersion of water, you label still remains a clear name tag sticker. The contents and the message on the sticker doesn’t wash off thanks to the adhesive layer and the quality face material.

·         Productivity and time-saving factor

No matter the situation nor the purpose of its use, any strand of the name tag 300 labels promises you a high level of productivity and efficiency. Instead of racking your brains in an attempt to separate, identify or classify people or objects into groups, you can use your sticker as an identification tool to get the job done in a faster and expedited manner.

·         Personalization

The ability to personalize these name tag stickers provides users with the much needed platform to embark on their bespoke projects. They can accommodate an extensive range of formats, texts and customized contents. The school name tag stickers can be used to identify students in special events like competitions, parties and sporting festivals. The nursery name tag stickers can also be used to separate identical kids’ accessories like bags, lunch packs, learning aids aswell as playsets.

·         Quantity

The number of stickers in a row provides every user with utility and quantity. Just like the name implies, the name tag 300 stickers contains in one row 300 diverse stickers – blue, red and yellow. This quantity combines with an affordable pricing to ensure that one purchase provides you with the luxury of a long term usage.

·         Easy usage

The simplicity and no hassle mode of application makes the sticker comfortable to use. Simply peel off and put on the surface and add whatever message or note you desire. The surface is easy to write on and you can either use a pen or marker. The Technicolor design of each roll of name tag stickers gives you room to create different groups and types of tags. The roll style also helps you cut out a round name tag sticker without exposing the unused sticker to wastage.

·         Great avenue for call to action

The name tag labels 300 sticker can be easily attached to your clothes or used as a car name tag stickers to advertise your brand or invite people for a specific event. You can print several discount offers, promo codes, and exclusive offers on your wares and other materials to advertise your business.

This sticker label serves as a platform to get a lot of things done. It can also serve as a great way to keep you children fascinated through kids name tag stickers, Disney name tag stickers, name tag unicorn stickers and a lot more.

Assorted Colors Colorful Dot Name Tag Stickers - 300 Labels + 2pcs./Pack (3 Colors) - 90x50 mm

Each roll contains 300+2 pcs. 9 x 5 cm name tag stickers that easily attach to any type of garment, and hold their place all day long. The stickers are easy to peel off, easy to put on, and leave no mess behind when they’re removed.

Simply write your name on the front, peel off the backing, and attach to your clothing in a strategic and easy-to-notice spot -- and suddenly everyone knows you.

• Peel and stick colorful name tag stickers

• Easy to write on with a pen or marker

• Quantity: 1 Roll of 300 assorted colors stickers (blue, green and yellow)

• Glue: Permanent Hot Melt

• Glue HOT-MELT provide strong adhesion to all types of surface.

• Space between labels - 2,92 mm and stickers roll core diameter is 76 mm

• Material: CZG1 thermotransfer semi gloss

• Sticker color: assorted colors(blue, green and yellow) - actual colors may vary from monitor

• Material for labels: FLW3 PE foil

• Quantity of rows: 1

• Imprint : none

• Winding: outside

• Perforation: no


  • Each roll contains 300pcs.+2pcs., total 302pcs. Size 9x5 centimeters / 90x50 millimeters name tags stickers that easily attach to any type of garment.
  • Easy to write surface lets you write your name or info with either a pen or marker. Can be used as name badges stickers
  • Three different name tag labels colors gives you the ability to create different groups or types of name tags
  • Roll-style prevents unwanted trash from individual backings
  • Strong Hot-Melt glue but removes cleanly from clothes

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