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1000 Gold Thank You Stickers Round Labels Size 25mm (Gold)
Brands: OliveBird
Product Code: THNK08
Availability: In Stock



This product is not like the common stickers you see around everywhere. These are specially made stickers with the saying”thank you” written on them. This is a roll of small stickers showing gratitude with their words that are bound together as one. A roll contains one thousand (1000) separate stickers in total to be utilized that are round in shape and all the stickers are gold in color. The 1000 gold thank you stickers are been designed and created by olivebird who are popularly known for the quality stickers they produce.

Olivebird is a registered trademark company whose name is included in the European union trademark register, that deals with the production and distribution of different varieties of stickers on a roll as well as other packaging materials. Here are some familiar products from them; freezer labels, fragile stickers, heart stickers, name tag labels, wine bottle labels, clear cellophane bags and so on. They are equipped with high quality customer service that assists with the delivery of their products, they also offer individual solution.

Each thank you sticker is about 25mm large in size and has a core diameter of 76mm. The 1000 stickers are placed side by side on a roll with spaces between them that sums up to 1.46mm making it easy for a sticker to be removed without touching the other one next to it. These stickers work with the peel and stick mechanism, all you need to do is to peel it from the roll and attach wherever you like. Unlike most stickers, you do not need to peel of a nylon that is not sticky from the back of it before you attach it, just peel and stick.

These stickers have been designed to stick almost on any material you can think of. They are equipped with adhesive stickers roll glue which contains a permanent hot melt that is capable of providing strong adhesion to any kind of surface. They are glossy in nature and give you that shiny look when you feast your eyes on them. When it comes to a high quality sticker that shows gratitude to anyone who sets their eyes on them, you should consider the 1000 thank you stickers for your service. This product has the perfect shape and size to fit in anywhere.  It is unlike any sticker out there, it is designed to stick to its placement location for quite a large amount of time.

The 1000 thank you stickers is made from paper, one side carries the print of “thank you” and the other side is sticky in order for it to be able to get stuck to objects. These stickers are also laminated to keep it in good shape, to have a good looking appearance and also make them more durable especially when they are used for outdoor purposes.

These beautiful thank you stickers have a variety of uses. They appear great on envelope seals or ideal for embellishing cards, scrapbook pages and craft projects. It will also be nice to use them for your Christmas thank you cards, try it out this year and see the smile it will put on your family and friends faces.

Do not underestimate the use of these stickers, they can help a lot. For example in your business, when customers come to buy commodities from your shop, you show them appreciation by attaching the thank you gold stickers to the package commodity. This will make the customers know that you appreciate them and will want to continue their transactions with you. Also these stickers are sold at a very affordable price, a roll of 1000 stickers goes under £9.95 which is nothing compared to turn up of customers you will get when you show appreciation to them.

These stickers can also serves as a good toy for kids. Generally, children are common sticker users and love to have them in abundance. These can serve as a distraction for your children to keep them busy and occupied than to be playing around the house and destroying house appliances.

The 1000 thank you stickers are perfect for weddings, it can be used to show appreciation to your well wishers and to people that attended your wedding. When packaging the gifts for the guest, just apply these stickers to each and every one of them to show gratitude to them for honoring your invitation. They can also be used as decorative sealing stickers, to seal up envelopes and parcels due to their strong ability to stick on any material. 

Looking for a high quality sticker? No problem, purchase the 1000 thank you stickers round labels and get the quality and service you require. This product is durable and very reliable, you will not be disappointed.

1000 Gold Thank You stickers For Envelopes Size 25mm Round Stickers Labels On Roll

Peel and stick Thank You stickers for envelope seals

Quantity: 1 Roll of 1000 thanks you stickers / labels

Thank you circle stickers size is: 2.5 centimeters / 25mm / 1" Inch

PEEL AND STICK circle stickers - than you stickers self adhesive labels with permanent Hot-Melt (HE15) glue

Glue HOT-MELT provide strong adhesion to all types of surface.

Space between stickers - 1,46mm and stickers roll core diametre is 76 mm

Durable adhesive

Sticker color: gold/ black

Material for thank you stickers labels: FLW3 PE foil

Quantity of rows: 1

Imprint : Thank You

Winding: outside

Perforation: no

Winding: outside

Used them on plain paper bags or to add a special finishing touch to any gift!

  • Peel and stick gold thank you stickers
  • Quantity: 1 Roll of 1000 labels
  • Size is: 2.5 centimeters / 25mm / 1" Inch
  • Adhesive stickers roll glue: permanent Hot Melt provide strong adhesion to all types of surface / material: Semi Gloss
  • Space between stickers - 1,46mm. Core diameter: 76 mm

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